Monday, September 12, 2011

It's All Greek To Me

I haven't been blogging much lately, and I blame that on Ancient Greece.  Specifically, the TV show "Greek" and the Percy Jackson book series.

Betty and I just finished watching all 74 episodes of Greek on Netflix. Greek is about a brother and sister in the Greek system at their fictitious college, Cyprus-Rhodes University.  The sister, Casey Cartwright, is played by Spencer Grammer, who is interesting for two reasons: her name is Spencer, and her father is Kelsey Grammer.

Casey's brother, Rusty, is an incoming freshman majoring in Polymer Science, lives in the Honors Engineering dorm, is a huge nerd, and has just joined the best fraternities for parties.  It's fun to watch his character grow throughout the series, especially since I have a lot in common with Rusty's character, being a Computer Science major and yet a party animal in my fraternity. (Trivia answer:  My "party animal" spirit is a cow.)  It's like I was watching myself, but not how I usually do it, which involves mirrors, video, an intricate pulley system... really, you probably don't want to know about all of that.

Greek is comprised of 74 episodes at 43 minutes a pop. We never thought we'd get through the entire series when we started, then were really sad when it ended.  But when it did end, I moved onto my second reason to blame Ancient Greece for my lack of blogging:

The Percy Jackson book series.

If you haven't heard about the Percy Jackson series, it's sort of like the Harry Potter or Twilight series (as in, geared towards a younger audience that adults can also enjoy) but each chapter introduces the reader to a new Greek god, goddess, titan, monster, etc.  It's very well written, and what I love about it is that it makes the Greek pantheon and mythology really accessible to young readers.

By the way, if Zeus was the son of Cronus and Rhea, and Cronus and Rhea were both titans, why is Zeus considered a god and not a titan? Ten Tantrum Points to anyone who can answer that one.

I'm halfway through the Percy Jackson books, and we're completely done with Greek, so hopefully I'll blog more. But I can't promise anything, as I just got crushed in my first fantasy football game and need to spend the next week doing extra sit ups and push ups to get into better shape for the next match.

If you know of any other good TV, book or movie series regarding Ancient Greece, let me know!

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