Sunday, October 07, 2012

Pressure Wash Art

I have a new love: pressure washing.

I'll pressure wash anything, anywhere, anytime. I love it for several reasons:
  1. It's easy.
  2. The results are immediate.
  3. The results are satisfying.
  4. I get to play with water.
  5. I can do it while spending time outside on a beautiful day.
  6. I can do it while it's raining.
  7. I can do it in my underpants (if I'm in the back yard and the gate is closed.)
I've also determined that I have a knack for making Pressure Wash Art. It's easy to do - all you need is a filthy piece of pretty much anything that needs to be pressure washed, and a desire to be a fantastic artist.

Here is my Pac Man art:

[Picture: Pac Man pressure washing art]

And... well, that's pretty much it. Oh, except for the penis and balls that I drew. Repeatedly.

[Picture: Erotic pressure washing art]

Some might call my work "immature." But the human body is a beautiful thing... especially when you have a sack as big as the one that I drew in relation to the shaft on my Twig and Berries artwork. See for yourself in this different angle of the same piece:

[Picture: Twig and Berries in repose]

I made other pressure artwork as well, but really, nothing was as good as the dong art and I had to just pressure wash around the other stuff to erase everything.

If you have any unique artistic talents, please let me know. You know, it's a "you show me yours and I'll show you mine" kind of art sharing thing.

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Precision Water Blaster said...

Heh. Pressure Wash Art indeed