Monday, May 29, 2006

Beach Babes and Sea Monsters

Talk about an action-packed weekend! Friday night we went to a wedding for one of my good friends, whose family owns the restaurant Antoine's in New Orleans. The Bishop of Baton Rouge, Bishop Muench, presided over the wedding. As I was getting Communion, he saw me and basically told me that I would rot in Hell for eternity unless I mentioned on my blog how great of a job he did, so... great job, Bish! And I'm not just saying that so I won't be tormented for eternity - I mean it from the bottom of my shriveled, black heart.

Saturday we drove down to Florida for some fun in the sun at Navarre Beach (Florida's Best Kept Secret). Whoops! I guess it's not such a secret anymore. Anyway, I conquered my fear of the ocean by first stealing a few floaties from a couple of little brats nearby. I got some Elmo floaties, a Cookie Monster inner tube, and a large alligator raft - I racked up! Saturday night we went to a bar, and needless to say, I rocked the house with some badass Karaoke. I started out with "Mandy," by Barry Manilow, and then after we had the bar to ourselves, I sang, "Afternoon Delight" five consecutive times.

Sunday we saw a woman get sucked into the undertow. She was screaming and hollering, and basically just making a big fuss. Some other guy was right by her in the water, so maybe he was just molesting her or something. At least that would explain why she kept yelling, "Fire! Fire!" Five good Samaritans jumped in the ocean to save her. I supervised from the shore - my personal feeling on the matter is that you never want to dive into the ocean if sharks, eels, molesters or disgruntled clownfish are swimming around out there. In the end she went back in the water, this time with one of my floaties.

We made the trip back to Baton Rouge on Monday. We were tired of sitting down in the car all day so we decided to stretch our legs by going to see X-Men 3: Read Between the Lines. It was pretty good. I probably would have liked it more had the guy sitting next to me been wearing pants. Anyway, I'm glad to be home and am ready to get back to work. I only have three weeks until the next vacation!


Aaron said...


Speachless, except your "vacation" link provides an access denied.

Bobby said...

Fixed! Thankee sai.

URFager said...

You were always afraid of the water. I remember the time when you almost drowned in the bathtub. Good thing I came in just in time to save you and had to slap some sense into your mother.

She was PMSing big time...Doesn't remember a thing.