Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Common Senseless

On my way to work this morning I seen something very interesting. There was a billboard for vasectomy reversals. Now I think that a procedure such as that would benefit mankind. I mean, why not give the ability to contribute to the gene pool once more. There was a number provided, and the best thing about it, it came with a money back guarantee. Now what man, that had previously been clipped, would pass up that? If the doctor screws up your manhood, you get your money back!

Now I know what you’re thinking, WOW what a deal. But I must caution you, it may be in civilizations best interest that you pass up on this deal. God, or maybe the government, may have planned this for you. If you are a man that has never had a child and has had the pre-vasectomy reversal procedure, then you should keep on trucking.

Another theory is that when this procedure is done, you will be given an injection of alien DNA. There are a lot of theorist out there that believe this to be true. The government has been polluting our population with tainted genetics. By offering a so called "Money Back Guarantee", the FED, headed by Greensburg, can ensure there will be takers. You can tell those that have been given this injection, called MARS-420, this comes from a highly trustworthy IRS insider, by the changes that take place to them and their offspring.

Just remember, use common cents when considering this procedure. Goodbye and Goodnight.

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Aaron said...

So if you get a reversal surgery when you didn't have the original, what happens then?