Sunday, May 21, 2006

Da Vinci is Spanish for "The Vinci"

Yesterday I saw the movie The Da Vinci Code. To make a long story short, it turns out that Da Vinci was not a software developer and never really wrote any code. But he did invent the midgie-mullet, and was also a founding father of the Renaissance Festival.

Basically, the movie took all of Dan Brown's worst ideas, scenarios and dialogue (ie, the plot) and left out all of the interesting stuff (ie, anything to do with Da Vinci). In 2.5 hours, Da Vinci is mentioned maybe twice.

So to fill in this "Da Vinci Void," I will attempt to explain about Da Vinci's work, which the movie so lovingly leaves out.

Da Vinci closely followed Microsoft's Patterns and Practices and used layers in his artwork. His paintings were usually painted on top of old works, whereby the Mona Lisa was really just the User Interface layer, and then you had a Service Interface layer, Bean Dip layer, Data Layer, and so on. I assume he used Objects instead of Hash Tables, but that's an entirely different sort of blog entry.

Da Vinci painted some really cool self-portraits. He was also prolific in painting faces, designing helicopters, airplanes and tanks, and even making notes for SCUBA gear. His work in latex came in the last stages of his life.

In conclusion, if Da Vinci were around today he would probably be patenting things to better enable people to download porn. We can only salute such a brave and prolific servant of the Priori of Sion.

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