Thursday, May 18, 2006

Fake Plastic Trees

Plastic surgery is ruining America. Look at what we've done to ourselves: boob jobs, face lifts, collagen implants, rhinoplasty, liposuction, rap music, pectoral implants, J-Lo butt implants - which, as an anonymous informant has discovered, is made from fat syphoned from J-Lo's butt - and all other types of atrocities! Look at your work, evil-doers! Look at what it did to Meg Ryan, for crying out loud!

Reconstructive surgery is okay, of course. Anyone who has been in a horrendous car accident or bull maiming should have all the right to restore themselves to normalcy.

But non-reconstructive plastic surgery is doing long-term damage to our country. Attractive Americans are being duped into marrying and/or mating with closet ugly people. An ugly person could have a total face replacement and the spouse won't know until the baby pops out looking like this. The indecency of it all! Our whole Social Darwinism is at stake!

Some people have had the courage to get their plastic surgery removed. It's safe to say that in some cases, it's just better to leave well enough alone. I'm talking about you, Bob the Builder!


Aaron said...

In all seriousness, your post contains some very valid points. We just had a sermon last Sunday that discussed the way society is shaping its women (granted, me go through some plastic surgery but not near the extent of some of the women).

The example brought up was Marilyn Monroe. She was not a thin woman by any means (wore a size 16). However, the standard has changed and now we want tiny, big breasted women. The point the was brought up is that society is constantly changing what they think "beauty" is. What happens when society changes once again? Just go back under the knife to fit the new norm?

Bobby said...

If my post has caused people to stop and consider their well-being, current health or future happiness, or if I have made any interesting or valid points along the way then I have failed on all counts.

Anonymous said...

Hey beasty blog writer, Way to put rap music in your first paragraph. It's too bad that the music you are refering to is not rap. Rap died after tupac and the Notorious BIG, and when bone thungs fell apart. The shit you hear on the radios is not "rap" it's Pop. And Pop Is horrible, alond with anyone with the name of lil bootsy, or Soulja Boy. Nice try though

Bobby said...

I agree, Anonymous - the rap on the radio today totally blows.