Saturday, May 20, 2006

Hindsight is 20/40

Yesterday I received this ingenious IM detailing a great new product that could benefit millions:

Mr T says: i have developed a new tool for software developers everywhere to benefit from

Mr T says: rear view programming mirrors. they strap to your forearms while you type.

Optimus Prime says: do objects in rear view mirror appear farther away than reality?

Mr T says: yes.

Mr T says: but its not a bug; its a feature

I was still using the identity of Optimus Prime, so this IM may have been intended for the leader of the Autobots. Plus I'm no longer on speaking terms with Mr T so this came as quite a surprise. (You want some of this, T?) But after careful consideration, I came up with the following prototypes. Click on the picture for a larger, better, stronger and more satisfying image. One product is designed for the home office, and the other is for the office.

Basic Side View Mirrors

Medium Range Side View Mirrors

Each set comes with a strap. You only get one strap so you have to decide which arm needs this the most. We also have Shock Straps, for hardcore developers. Please email our Product Development Department if you need more information about these new and exciting products.


Aaron said...

Mr. T. might be trying to set you up with a patent infringement lawsuit. The product is similar to the already in vogue computer rear view:

Bobby said...

No no, these fit on your forearms - completely different technology.

van said...

What is this? I will not tolerate independent thinking in my establishment! We will have to fire T!!!

He can take his innovation and out-of-the-box thinking elsewhere; we have no need for such craziness here...all our workers will bow down to me as I am the lord thy van. Thinking like that might actually lead to progress...and we are diametrically opposed to progress.

Watchit Tanory...or you'll be next!

URFager said...

Van..your worthless threats against my seed will get you into trouble. It is a known fact that I am a member of the Costa Nostra, or "Mafia". Be nice to BT or you may not have arms to use with his new invention. His mother is proficient in child protection services. Beware!!