Thursday, May 25, 2006

Idiocy and the Scientific Method

We should by now be used to competing scientific groups arguing with each other and generally just jacking us around over who's theory is correct. One week it's okay to drink a crapload of coffee, and the next it's not. One week scientists are writing about how harmful cellphone radiation is, and the next they're telling us that cellphones are harmless. Don't scientists have standards? Don't they have the Scientific Method? Shouldn't we be able to reproduce these experiments and still have enough time to catch the midget wrestling match at Spanky's later tonight?

Occasionally, one scientific group will just lose their minds and start publishing crap that should be kept secret. Case in point: cloaking devices. Today I read that scientists have actually outlined how to make a cloaking device. Pretty incredible! But even more incredible, these American and British scientists didn't hold onto this knowledge and let our governments use this technology... they published it for the world to see.

Are you mad!? We're worried about terrorists bringing Dirty Bombs through our porous Mexican border, and now you're going to give them a way to discretely fly over it. Thanks a lot, jerkies!

I'm done with scientists and their arrogance. I'm sticking with religious institutions, where at least when they lie to you, they are consistent.


URFager said...

I've never heard of anything other than a "dirty bomb", is that something you leave in the bathroom? ~:}

Bobby said...

More info on Dirty Bombs is definitely necessary. Here are two links which will help to clarify this issue:

link 1


link 2

Aaron said...

Its great that you can have family discussions via your blog as well! It all makes for a wonderful ascii art photo.

Aaron said...

More cloaking fun:,70997-0.html?tw=rss.index

URFager said...

This blog is so informative. I feel a thought coming on...nope...sorry.