Wednesday, May 31, 2006

No More Whistling While You Work

In a 5-4 opinion yesterday, the Supreme Court decided that Government employees cannot whistle while they work. I must take a stand and say that sometimes, without realizing it, I whistle, mumble, and occasionally even yell at my monitor in a manner that has been described to me as "immature." Am I to be ostracized for these actions? Has whistling gone the way of the dodo?

In a cubicular environment, we need to be respectful of our co-workers and not play our music, whistle, or cast spells too loudly. I would even go so far as to say that we need to give a 3 second warning to our co-workers before iniating a surprise Tuesday Night Fight match in the hallway. The time has come for us to respect one another.

In conclusion, please turn down your "Phantom of the Opera" music. You've been playing it for five days straight. Our subtle hints at subterfuge have gone unnoticed. You know who you are.

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