Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Team Tanory

I am trying to write a blog a day, and I have to tell you, it's pretty difficult. For one thing, there are always constant distractions at my job, such as coffee, paperwork, coding, meetings, etc, which interfere with my creative process. Secondly, my wife likes to spend time with me - or to be more precise, she likes when I spend time with her - and she doesn't like when I blog at home. Finally, there is the whole issue of "sleep," which I have just been told needs to be done from around midnight to 6 in the morning, and not during the work day as I had assumed. Where has all the time gone?!?

So as many of you have already figured out, Aaron has joined the Tantrum. Aaron has already written two blogs and I'm hoping to whip him into doing five a day. Seriously, those bull whips really work. When I have kids I'm going to invest in them. I have also set up a scheduled task to email Aaron every 15 minutes with a random message about blogging, and that really seems to be motivating him. I hope to soon outsource this whole blog business and just reap the benefits from a remote location.

So if you like Aaron's posts, you should definitely check out Aaron's homepage. Aaron has his own blog, so when he updates his blog you'll know that he could have been updating this blog, and then we can be angry with him together. Hurrah!

In conclusion, I hope you enjoy all the new posts at the Tantrum, as we enjoy writing them.


Aaron said...

The sad thing is, we work right next to each other, yet communicate via your blog.

Bobby said...

Well, there is that pesky partition between our cubicles...