Monday, May 15, 2006

Thinking is for Losers

Someone recently asked me, "Where do you get your ideas?" I thought he was trying to get trade secrets from me, and told him that I just made them up.

Then another person asked, and I thought she was part of a right-wing conspiracy.

After another person asked me, I thought, wow, this conspiracy must be vast.

But after yet another person, who may or may not be fictional, asked me, I had to relent. So this is for you, Dirty Spies.

Some of my ideas come from The Bright Idea Department, but I've found that not only do their ideas not eminate light, but some of them are more theories or practices than just abstract ideas.

Other ideas come from just the regular Idea Department. Their ideas are good, but not bright.

But most of my ideas come from an organization called IDEA. That is where I got my idea for a giant mellon that is also a car, so you can eat it when you get hungry. They also gave me the idea for using the Bright Idea and regular Idea Departments as backup.

You too can create your own blog, company, or ficticious personalities, and if you do, feel free to use my contacts to better yourself and those around you.

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