Saturday, May 13, 2006

Tulane, Transvestites, and Other Things New Orleans is Famous For

My brother received his MBA from Tulane on Saturday, so we celebrated his persistence and desire for self-improvement by bringing my Grandad to see some transvestite strippers. We first thought to bring G-Dad to Larry Flynt's Hustler Club, but we remembered he recently had a heart bypass and we didn't want to give my mom any excuse to force him to go back to the hotel. Yes, that's right, the whole fam went to Bourbon Street. My family's on crack. I caught the most beads, in case you were wondering.

Tulane really went all out for the graduation ceremonies. Former Prez's Bush and Clinton both spoke, mainly about their Hurricane Katrina Relief Fund. Ellen Degeneres was a surprise guest speaker. There was no bipartisan death match, but I did see a Tulane and Loyola Student Government fight break out. (They both lost, as you'd expect.)

One area that was lacking was Security. Usually you see a couple of cops searching purses and pockets, and giving Dentistry students tips on administering cavity searches. The only security this year seemed to be the thousands-strong horde of Tulane alumni. Also, it took almost an entire hour for the faculty and graduates to Elephant Walk to their seats during each ceremony - and we hit 2 ceremonies. Basically, I spent more time at Tulane on Saturday than I did at LSU in my entire 4 years.

Despite having to spend the time at Tulane's graduation ceremonies at Tulane itself, the trip was worth it because we got this great picture at Patches O'Houlihan's (also known as Pat O's). I'm also very proud of my brother for getting his MBA, and I know my G-Dad would be too if we could have ever gotten him out of that tranny bar.

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