Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Would You Like Fries With That?

Pizza is the greatest food in the known universe. It incorporates all of the food groups, even the 12 new food groups recently added onto the FDA's latest food pyramid. It has dairy, meat, grains and veggies. If you're lucky, you can even find a place to deep-fry it.

Deep-frying anything makes it taste better, and with today's technological breakthroughs, you can pretty much deep-fry anything. There are deep-fried Snickers, Twinkies, and even octopus tentacles.

But I've been trying to eat healthier these days, so instead of a deep-fried Mars Bar, I go to my local Subway and order a delightful 6 inch Roasted Chicken Breast sub with lettuce, tomatoes and olives, then deep-fry the crap out of it.

There are a plethora of ways to deep-fry your food. You can use Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO), Regular Ass Olive Oil (RAOO), or What the Hell Was I Thinking My Heart is Going to Explode Oil (WHWITMHGEO).

But the best oil of all is the oil you get off a freshly-made pizza. So remember to wring out your pizza the next time you eat it, and you might just make your next meal even better.

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Aaron said...

Don't forget the environmental friendly reasons to fry: