Saturday, June 17, 2006

The Bible Belt

I came up with a great invention: The Bible Belt.

It'll be like Pootie Tang's magical belt which allows him to beat the crap out of Evil as long as he has a pure heart. But better.

There already exists a company that creates Bible Belts, but Bible Belt Ltd's belt is used in a peaceful manner. It also has Bible verses inscribed right on the belt.

My belt buckle would have different imprints of Bible verses, but they'd be inscribed backwards. That way, if you whup someone in the face, everyone else can read the red and inflamed script. Remember, the whole point is to whip Evil. It would also come in sizes 24 - 50.

I am also working on a flaming sword but need a couple of ideas on how to make it kid-friendly.

If you or someone you know is a heathen and would like to be a test subject for The Tanory Tantrum's Bible Belt, please let me know.

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