Friday, June 09, 2006

The Greatest Protest Sign This Side of the Mississippi

Yesterday I saw a protest sign that really grabbed my attention. Baton Rouge is undergoing massive construction in an effort to ease traffic congestion, but all of the construction has done nothing but cause more traffic. Everyone who has driven in or around Baton Rouge knows the ridiculousness of our city's layout. So I was very pleased to see this sign posted right off I-10, directly outside of the construction zone:

Yes, that's right! Stick it to the Man! End Road Work! Yeeeeaaaah, Booooyyy!


URFager said...

This post has profound meaning. What a rebel!

I've got an idea. Everyone stay home next week. That'll show 'em.

Bobby said...

People should not be working from the road in any case. That is very dangerous! That's how accidents happen - by doing road work.