Monday, June 05, 2006

Have you update your business model lately?

With today’s ever changing technologies and businesses, there are a lot of concerns about outdated business models. Take for example the business model for Taco Bell. You hire transients for minimum wage and teach them to push a few graphical buttons on a cash register. Then, you provide the customer with delicious, authentic Mexican food. They are ready for this modern technological era. Before, Taco Bell actually expected their "employees" to know how to read. But they have since updates to icons that people can recognize, i.e., a taco.

There has been one business model ,though, that may never need to be updated, just tweaked. Begging. This model has been around since the beginning. Historical video can be found if you need to do research on "How to become a beggar". Though technology has changed, and beggars use this technology, the basic principal is still there, just beg. Now you can beg in front of a grocery store, outside a bar, on the side of the highway, and on the internet.

In medieval times, beggars were rounded up and shot, tortured, and experimented on, by making them listen to the Spice Girls 24/7. Now we have laws to stop this. No more shooting them.

So you see, you should consider how your business can best succeed and change your business model to fit these needs. Goodbye and Goodnight.

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