Wednesday, June 21, 2006

NYC, Day 1: Already Out of Money

We've made it to the Big Apple! And if New York is the Big Apple, then we are like worms. We've weaved our way about 6 miles throughout the city, which really doesn't seem like much, but when you sit on your ass all day writing code, that's about a month's worth of walking.

So far we've eaten a Rueben at Carnegie Deli, gone to the 86th floor of the Empire State Building, walked through Times Square and Central Park, taken pictures outside of Hello Deli, the Late Show, and a couple of other places, and eaten at Tasti D-Lite (it was on Sex and the City, so the ladies wanted to go - plus I got ice cream. Holla!). We're also staying right by Julliard. I'll keep you updated on any hot girls in spandex that I see coming out of that building.

Did I mention it was Gay Pride week? Our last vacation was during Gay Pride week as well. It's a vast left-wing conspiracy. Just so you know, the wife planned both of these trips.

I've heard that K-Fed (aka, Cletus Spears) is going to be in Times Square tomorrow, promoting the "Save the Penny" campaign. Apparently the penny is going out of fashion in NYC, and Cletus needs all the pennies he can muster. I might mug him just to be on TV. Hi Mom!

Our first taxi ride was just as exciting as we hoped. Our cabbie was not Iranian, which was disappointing, but he made up for his ethnicity by turning left on red lights from the right-most lane repeatedly as well as driving through construction zones. I tipped him a crapload.

Tomorrow we will be in the audience of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Other than that, we are going to continue to look for drunks and immigrants to mug in order to maintain our spending spree.


Beav said...

Totally killer write-up for day 1. I can't wait to continue the adventures of Mr. & Mrs. B2. Remember that when you mug anyone in NYC, you have to leave them a tip as well. $$$$$$ :-)

Aaron said...

Wait, it is Gay pride week? Didn't you also attend your last Disney vacation during this same time. SUUUURE.......... YOUR WIFE PLANS IT

My last day said...

[quote]We're also staying right by Julliard. I'll keep you updated on any hot girls in spandex that I see coming out of that building.[/quote]

Pics are required or I am putting a fish in your desk!

Aaron said...

Omg, you have no voice...running a myspace sight to harass little people!