Saturday, June 24, 2006

NYC, Day 4: Say Cheese!

Today was a really good day. We walked through Little Italy, China Town, and SoHo. SoHo stands for "South of Houston," but these yankees pronounce "Houston" like "House-ton." I took every ounce of energy to only mug a couple of them for this gross mispronunciation.

We took the subway to Little Italy, where we saw a "Nuts 4 Nuts" vendor on the corner. I wanted some cashews, but the vendor wouldn't give me a deal after I told him that cashews were legumes and not nuts. Nuts!

We ate at the nation's oldest pizzeria, Lombardi's, in Little Italy. After all the buildup, we only give it 6 slices out of 10. Lacy, one of my former coworkers, met us there. Afterwards we went to Ferraro's, a French pastry place. I ordered a Mint Mocha, an eclair, a chocolate cannoli and a lobster tail. I mimed my order, so what I actually got was something too embarrassing to talk about on the blog.

My wife and sister bought knockoff purses from China Town. They were ushered into the back room (ie, the bathroom) of a little shop and offered some knockoffs, plus $5 sucky sucky. I shopped for mistranslated video games, but all they had were Xbox games. Screw the Xbox! Dvd? Dvd? Sunglasses? Dvd?

The highlight of the day was visting Di Palo's Cheese Shop in Little Italy. My wife's mother's friend's grandmother owns Di Palo's, and we chatted it up with Louie and Sal in the Cheese Shop. They gave us samples of two kinds of cheese, salami, and some bread. Thanks gang! My sister cut the cheese later.

We met up with one of our friends on 7th Avenue and 54th St, and then went out to SoHo, to the Terra Blues bar. I told the waitress that I was pissed that their "blues band" had white people in it, and the song was upbeat. "Screw that!" I said, then took one last trip to the bathroom before storming out.

One of our friends is a shoe salesperson for a really trendy shoe store, so the girls got free shoes. My wife looks pretty hot in them. I don't look too bad myself.

Did I mention that we hit the Church of Scientology? I told them that I firmly believed that aliens are slumbering in Earth's volcanos. I got a free ice cream.

Tomorrow we're going to church, where the Cardinal will be presiding over mass. Tomorrow night we'll be at the Upright Citizen's Brigade Theatre, where Amy Poeler and Horatio Sans will be performing. In between, who knows - we may just walk around in high heels eating our cheese.


Aaron said...

If people wanted to read about someone’s life, they could read any countless boring blogs, such as my own. They come here for entertainment! WHERE IS THE ENTERTAINMENT! Your “fans” don’t want to hear your itinerary!

This was "Off the Cuff" for the Web. Now its Bobby's Blog!

Aaron said...

Which begs the question, why do I keep reading your daily activities...=)

Speaking of which, for some reason I thought you were hitting DV that next week you get to go there?

Enjoy your vacation! We all miss you. We'll have you over for dinner sometime and you can show us your slides. I think that is what people our age do when they are "grown up".

Bobby said...

Are you not entertained!!! Actually, I thought you and Wayne were holding down the fort while I was gone. And what happened to your other posts?! I can't get into my work email, so you'll have to post about it. I can't tour and blog well at the same time - you know I can't multitask!

Beav said...

$5 sucky sucky....brilliant!!!!!