Tuesday, June 27, 2006

NYC, Day 7: Wicked Awesome!

A week in NY has passed by, and we ended it where we started it: in Times Square. When we got here, the city was huge and impenetrable, and we were in awe of our surroundings. Now we're just like every other New Yorker: looking straight ahead, walking as fast as the dickens, and occasionally yelling, "Hey, I'm walking here!" - except for when we were in China Town, where we yelled, "Hey, I'm wok'n here!" (The jokes don't get any better.)

We started off the day on the subway, which took us down to the piers. We took a ferry to Liberty Island where we walked around and inside of the Statue of Liberty for something like 4 hours. Did you know that the Statue of Liberty had to be revamped after the X-Men foiled Magneto's evil scheme there in X-Men 1? It's true!

Ellis Island was pretty cool, too. On the ferry ride back to NYC, we saw a ferry midget. You rock, dude!

Afterwards I signed autographs for my loving blog fans. Nobody wanted any, but I signed them anyway.

After a hardy lunch of nachos, a pretzel and a zesty Diet Coke, we walked around Ground Zero and Wall Street, as well as through some of the remaining World Trade Center towers. They've started renovating that area, and the new buildings should be up by 2009. We'll have to make another trip once they're finished. I'm sure our bank accounts will be back in the green by then.

We ate dinner with a friend at the Blue Fin restaurant, then went to a Broadway show, Wicked. To be honest, the performance was probably the single greatest live performance I've ever seen, outside of George Bush Sr.'s one-man acoustical jam live at the Red Rocks.

We exited the Gershwin Theatre out to the Times Square area. It was then that this poignant thought hit me: we need more TP. And this thought: Goodbye, Times Square.

Tomorrow we leave for Washington, D.C.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed Wicked. I think it is just awesome too. It will be in Houston again next year and we will probably get tickets again. Tell Betty hello cause she's soooo "populer".."Lar"

Anonymous said...

Please - No more Asian jokes.