Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The World Cup Meets the Matrix

Watching the World Cup is fun, but to have an even more enjoyable experience, check it out in ASCII. That's right, you can now get all of the games to stream in converted ASCII text, with bonus mistranslated English!

To view the games in ASCII, just open up a command window (start / run / cmd) and type in (minus the quotes) "telnet ascii-wm.net 2006" - then watch as your computer turns into a text-based television set.

For a slightly less exciting experience, download the TVUPlayer program and watch TV on your computer, sans cable hookup. Once a team scores, switch over to Univision to listen to that Spanish dude yell GOOOOOOOOOOOOL! (Which is Spanish for "GOOOOOOOOAAAAL!")


Aaron said...

TVUPlayer link:

Wild Wayne said...

I was just wondering, do you think we can get Nascar or maybe Curling in ASCii?

URFager said...

I watched the Sapranos in ASCii last week and got wacked!