Sunday, July 09, 2006

Capitalism with a Capital "ism"

Anyone who shaves, such as everyone except French women, knows that a good razor makes all the difference. A smooth, clean-shaven face can be the difference between a good and bad job or between a beautiful and fugly spouse.

In the olden days, many men used to shave with their knives or swords. This would be considered as a "single-bladed" razor. Humanity then sported a double-bladed razor for several years before the electric razor was invented by pygmies.

But lately the market has been saturated with new razors boasting more and more blades. First we had the thrice-bladed razor, then the quadra-razor with lifting-and-separating goodness. Now we are being told that razors are being created with five and six blades.

Which leads us to ask, how many friggin blades do we need?!

After extensive research, we can now give our definitive answer: The more blades, the better.

That is why the Tanory Tantrum is no longer anxiously awaiting a razor to arrive with 7, 8 or 9 blades, and has instead pioneered the 67-bladed razor. Eat it, Gillette.

The 67-bladed razor, also known as "Doogie," is by far the best razor out on the market. The best part is, if one razor gets a little dull, you still have 66 other razors to wear down before needing to buy another Doogie.

So treat yourself and your face right: buy a Doogie today from your local Tanory Tantrum dealer.


URFager said...

Count me out on the gazillion blades.
I use tweezers. It lasts longer..

Bobby said...

You realize this post was about shaving, right? :) muahaha!