Sunday, July 02, 2006

DC, Day 4: And They All Asked For You!

Sorry for the delay! We've gotten lots of calls from family wanting to know, "Where's the blog entry!?" I didn't realize anyone actually read this thing - my bad! We'll make sure we keep it as up to date as possible, as long as we have an Internet connection. So....

DC Day 4 was a lot of fun! Instead of heading over to Mount Vernon, we met up with Betty's cousins, Jenny, Ed, Abby and Lizzy, and then went to the zoo. I saw some of my family at the zoo, too - the monkeys, the gorillas, and red-bummed baboon. We also saw the pandas, rhinos, elephants and meercats. The meercats were by far our favorite. And two of the meercats were dressed up as George and Martha Washington, so it was really just as well that we didn't go to Mount Vernon.

After we left the zoo, we went back to Jenny and Ed's place, where I actually got to watch a World Cup game. Woo! Betty slept through France beating Brazil. Here's where our story's plots start to intertwine: We're staying with Shelly, and Shelly's manager at Tunnicliff's Tavern is from Brazil, and I told him that I thought France was offsides when they scored, and subsequently I now have a free Tunnicliff's Tavern t-shirt. Plus, Betty gave him the shpeal on how she visited Brazil, so now we have a friend for life (who can give us free drinks). Hurray!

During the game, I helped Lizzy put on her Press-On Nails. I think I'm going to start my own nail salon because I was so very good at it. I guess all those years playing dress-up finally paid off - see, Mom!

Later in the day we went to a crab house in Maryland for dinner. We had a beautiful view of the Chesapeake Bay, which is the largest estuary in the United States. (An estuary is a semi-enclosed coastal body of water which has a free connection with the open sea and within which seawater mixes with fresh water, duh!) We ate with Ed and Jenny's friends, Jeff and Jessica. J & J were great! And Jeff grew up a few blocks from my favorite author, Gene Wolfe, so maybe he can get us an autograph or something (ahem). Thanks again for everything, gang!

Finally, we met up with our friends, Jay, Brad and Alan, at the Ugly Mug. Something else occurred late Saturday night, but I don't really remember the details. This is because I "ate some bad ham." Who knew they put ham in beer? All I remember is that my dreams were of meercats dressed as George and Martha Washington.


URFager said...

Does this mean you can come home and get your panty hose collection out of the closet.

Italy rules!

Bobby said...

I always just used yours...

France will probably surrender the match.