Monday, July 03, 2006

DC, Day 6: Our Nation's History, or My Day With Kermit

Today Betty fulfilled her life-long dream of finally seeing Dorothy's red slippers from the Wizard of Oz, now at display in the Smithsonian American History Museum. That's right - the ruby red slippers are one of the greatest artifacts in our nation's history, and we got to see them. Booyah!

What else, you ask, is part of American's vast and glorious history? How about some Muppets, Sesame Street, and 43 American Presidents (and their wives)? I originally didn't mean to lump puppets in with our presidents, as usually only one arm is up a puppet, but since the Muppets can actually be remote controlled, it only seemed fitting.

Throw in the Manhattan Project and other military advances from the war effort, and you've got yourself a museum, baby!

Surprisingly enough, there was no mention of Americans inventing methods of flight, enhancing the lightbulb, inventing jazz, blues, death metal, rap rock or discovering the means to entrap and control electricity. But there was a gramophone... amazing!

Next we walked through the Holocaust Museum. If you ever get a chance to go to DC, make this a mandatory event. Some of the videos playing were hidden behind short walls to prevent any children from viewing some very graphic but powerful videos. Maybe Iran's president should visit, since he thinks the Holocaust never happened. He can walk hand-in-hand with Bobby Fischer and Mel Gibson's dad.

Tonight we've planned on going to a baseball game, but I'm not sure if Betty is going to be up for it. She's pretty exhausted from touring the country non-stop. I can't imagine how tired we would be if something in DC actually stayed open past 6.

We're happy to be in DC but are both ready to go back home to the South, where men give up their seats or open the doors for women, and women use deoderant. And I'm ready for some soul food - all this walking has been bad for my portly shape!

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