Friday, July 21, 2006

El retrato Perfecciona, o, Un Ensayo de Foto en la Retirada

NY Days 6 & 7 now have pictures. You might actually be able to see some of NY in these. You know how it goes.

NYC, Day 6: Yank This!

NYC, Day 7: Wicked Awesome!

The DC and Vegas pics might come next, who knows. My yard has grown eight feet tall and is threatening to take over the carport, so I need to take care of that.

Actually, I just figured out that the weeds in my yard are really just my Bermuda grass. I've been spraying what I thought were weeds with Weed n' Feed for a couple of months now, trying to kill these dang weeds... but after a couple of moments of contemplation, spiritual reflection and web surfing, I discovered that it's just my grass. So I may not have the time or energy to write blogs, as I'll be mowing my lawn for the next several weeks.

Maybe I'll just let my yard grow into an impenetrable fence, like I've been planning for the last couple of weeks. Then I can get a dog! Thanks, Weed n' Feed!

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