Saturday, July 29, 2006

Yahoo Must Be Stopped

What the hell is going on over at Yahoo Mail? They've lost their damned minds. I'm not talking about the actual mail service, no, although I'm up to over 1,000 spam messages a day. (Thanks, SpamGuard, for all your help. Much appreciated.)

I'm talking about the pictures they use on the Yahoo Mail home page.

Consider this guy, who is on the latest rotation on the Yahoo Mail login page. Who thought of this? I want to talk to them in person.

Other pictures of an infuriating nature include Yahoo's celebration of helping the Chinese imprison a journalist, Yahoo's support of Islamic Jihad, and Yahoo's mocking Women's Suffrage, segregation, and the American Military.

They've also made fun of people with a rare skin condition that makes their face incredibly flexible. It's shameful, really. I just noticed that guy in the picture has a thumb ring. Now I'm not just angry, but confused as well.

I've quit using the "!" in Yahoo!, and will now always refer to Yahoo! as the dull and monotone "Yahoo."

I did happen to like this picture of a hot girl with a balloon in the shape of a dog. I wonder why they don't show that one more often. Mmmm....

This guy looks like Kid Rock. I bet Google Mail can get actual rock stars instead of white trash rocker-wannabes.

Yahoo also loves pictures of girls with their tongues hanging out. (I know what the people at Yahoo are searching for in their spare time. I'm surprised there aren't more women with dogs in these pictures.)

All I'm saying is, I use your service, I'm a captive audience, and I want to look at something nice when I got to your site. I have a picture of me with my sweet 'stache, why can't you have something fun and entertaining, that isn't some crap like this! Don't make me go back to Hotmail, for cying out loud!

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