Saturday, August 19, 2006

The Andy Pizzo Project

Friday night my wife and I went to the CD Release party at the Shaw Center for the Andy Pizzo Project, a "Fusion Jazz Funk" band that sounds like, but did not serve, pizza.

The CD, which has now been released into the wild, is called Bouncin'. Check out their album at their website,

We knew about this band because Doug Gay, the drummer, is also a teacher at my wife's school. Andy Pizzo (leader and tromboner) as well as one or two other guys in the mix are also teachers. MeMe, one of my coworkers, has a nephew that sat in on Sax, and I think he's a teacher as well.

So let me ask a significant, life-altering question real quick: Why is every band named (band leader's name) + "Band" or "Project?" You have the Dave Matthews Band, Andy Pizzo Project, Alan Parsons Project, Steve Miller Band, The Band (supposedly the lead singer's real name was just "The")....

With all the teachers in this band, it could have been called "Teacher's Pet Project," or "The C Minus Allstars." Or even, "See Me After Class!" That might work better if it was an all-woman band. Hmm....

Regardless, check our their site, and keep your eyes and ears open for The Andy Pizzo Project.

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