Friday, August 18, 2006

Battle of the Blogs!

Other blogs may have wry and sarcastic writing, entertaining authors, advertising revenues and actual readers, but The Tanory Tantrum has something that they don't have:

Alistair Cockburn.

That's right! Cockburn's work on "Writing Effective Use Cases" is the pivotal point in our company's procedural history. We used to just do, and I quote a senior member of our test team, "whatever." But now we'll actually have "Use Cases."

For those of you who don't know what a Use Case is, a Use Case is simply anything from a sentence to an entire document specifying how something is supposed to work. Once you know how something is supposed to work, you can design it. A basic Use Case would be:

1. User opens program.
2. Program prompts user for login.
3. User enters login information.
4. Program verifies login information.
5. Program crashes and deletes random files from the network.

Sounds easy enough, doesn't it?

I will now incorporate Use Cases into The Tanory Tantrum, and that is where this blog will be better than all the rest. See, according to the Internet, many bloggers are self-centered, obnoxious idiots who write only about their limited experiences. I, on the other hand, am a self-centered, obnoxious idiot who writes only about my limited experiences, using Use Cases.

Here is my blog's Use Case, in case any of you fashionistas want to follow my lead:

1. Write something.
2. Post on blog.
3. Take a coffee break.

I'm pretty sure we can accomplish these goals and have our Tanory Tantrum Test Team (or the "T-4rce," as they're known around here) make sure that these items are accomplished. And that's how you test!


Jim Wynne said...

I'm at a loss as to whether you're referring to me personally or the latest winner of my Stupid Blog of the Week Award as an obnoxious idiot (or perhaps both of us), but I appreciate the link nonetheless.

Bobby said...

Sorry Jim, no offense meant to you personally. I linked to your "Stupid Blog of the Week" post as I really enjoyed it, and think the two other people who (supposedly) read my blog may enjoy it as much as I did.

Jim Wynne said...

No problem, bobby. Being referred to as obnoxious, or idiot, or both, makes me feel right at home.

Bobby said...

That makes two of us. Well, a few more expletives are usually used when someone is calling me names, but you know what I mean.