Thursday, August 03, 2006

Food Club Outing #2: The Italian Deli of Anthony

Aaron has been talking up Anthony's Italian Deli for a year, so we finally gave in and visited it for our second Food Club Outing. We bumrushed Anthony's at noon, and it was everything I hoped it could be and more. (Just don't tell Aaron - we don't want it to go to his head.)

Anthony's is located off of Florida in an obscure location, behind a place called Lagniappe's. Aaron told us that it was a small establishment and only held about 4 tables, but I thought he was exaggerating. It reminded me of Central Grocery in New Orleans, only without people flashing for beads directly outside. Ah, the old days!

I can't give away the answers to Aaron's post, so I'll just say...

Someone got the "Pepperoni Pizza Po-Boy," which was like a french bread pizza but on a whole bun. This person, who shall remain nameless, gives it... well, there were no slices, but he or she will say 8 slices out of 10. Someone else, who is very beautiful and makes good cakes, got the Muffoletta, which is Anthony's specialty. A certain consultant loved his Spaghetti and Meatballs so much that he brought some home on his shirt for later.

Aaron and Lora brought the baby, and baby Julia ran the show. They split a Godfather.

Another person's turkey po-boy came out last, and that was the only glitch in the system. Another blogger got the Godfather (the sandwich you can't refuse), and that leads up to this month's Bathroom Report.

Next up the bathroom report. We are elite; We are professional; We are the Tanory Tantrum Food Club. As a member of the food club, I have been given the task of reporting on the conditions of the bathrooms of our food club extravaganzas. Today, we ventured to eat at a restuarant called Anthony's Italian Deli. The food was great, but now to why I am blogging, the bathrooms.

Because of how eateries differ in their facilities, I have to change the bathroom report for this session. The bathroom, there was none. So, where did I go, well in my pants of course. No really I'm kidding. I went on the sidewalk. Now, how do I write a report about the bathroom when there was no bathroom? Well, however I'm doing it, it seems to be working so far. With no bathroom to report on I will have to give big A's no wipes outta 10. Thats the new rating system, the 10 wipes system. But, I will give them an A+ for the authentic italian, or maybe it was mexican, that was spoken there.

Thanks, Wayne! I like the new wipes system so much that I'm going to apply your 10 Wipes System to all future help desk requests.

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