Saturday, August 19, 2006

I'm Shelfish

My wife has wanted new shelves for some time, and I have been unable to give these to her because, like you probably already know, I'm completely useless.

But luckily, I have in-laws that accept my uselessness, and understand that their chances of having granchildren correspond directly with my wife's happiness. So my father-in-law dropped by to help (and by help, I mean, do everything) make some shelves.

We started off by measuring the area to transform into a fully shelved pantry. Then we got some wood from Home Depot. My father-in-law, Jim Bob, was in charge of measuring and cutting the wood, and I was in charge of sanding and buffing it. I don't mean to brag, but I'm great at buffing the wood.

Next we took a short break so I could act out becoming a Wood Ninja. After I got my fix, I was placed in charge of indiscriminately drilling holes in several pieces of wood and into the wall, and took on the moniker "the Drill Sargeant." I learned, however, that barking orders at my wife only gets me into the dog house. No barking at the wife!

My wife and mother-in-law were cooking, and fixed up some edamame for an appetizer. The main course was pulled pork and french fries, and my wife agreed to act out the Noodle Scene from Lady and the Tramp with one of the french fries. Technically, that counts as a french kiss.

So thanks again, Pops, for all the help and hard work! I'm sure one of our wives will have another project for us next weekend!

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