Thursday, August 03, 2006

Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally

After our latest Tanory Tantrum Food Club outing, I must say that the group is gaining momentum. Although the restaurant only holds about 16 people total, we amassed a force of 8, which included a three month old baby. The logistics behind ordering were simple, but became complex due to the confining nature of the queue. In fact, I think the owner was shocked to see so many people in at once. Alas, we ordered, received our food and actually found a place among the 100sq ft eating area. I was not disappointed, as the Godfather impressed me once again.

Others were more adventurous, opting for a pizza poboy, muffalleta, spaghetti and meatballs, and the turkey poboy. Another person ventured with the safe bet of the Godfather as well. Now, with all of the orders provided, let’s play a game! I will provide you with a list of people that went and you have to decide what they ordered. All matches have a one to one ratio.

Bobby, Wayne, Craig, Naveen, and Betty

Lora, Julia, and I all split a Godfather, hence why we aren’t listed above.

Now, let’s see who gets it right. Current members of the Tanory Tantrum food club are not allowed to participate.

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Bobby said...

We probably would have had more people had I given everyone more than a day's notice. But that's how we roll at the Tanory Tantrum.