Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Another Successfully Day Without Labor

This weekend was eventful. For starters, we went to the Blanco Bowl, where LSU trounced Ooh La La 45 - 3. It's the first time that ULL has scored on LSU in a couple of decades - Blanco must be proud that it happened on her watch!

Shaquille also stopped by to say hi. He helped LSU solely by being there, first because it made the crowd noisier so ULL couldn't hear as well, and second because he ate two of ULL's starting defensive line-up. Shaq attack!

While at the game I sat with my wife, her family, and my good friend Jay. During the 4th quarter's presentation of the "Athlete of the Week," Jay stripped to a one-piece LSU track outfit, stood up, and gave the crowd a wave. It was the most exciting play of the entire day, besides the Jim Beam and Coke we had before the game. It was kind of disconcerting that he never put on the rest of his clothes again, but we still had a great time.

My family and I then went to the Beau Rivage for its grand reopening after Katrina. New carpets, new beds, new paint - same old bad luck at the Black Jack table! It was good to be back!

Actually, the Mississippi gulf coast got smacked pretty hard by Katrina, and you really never hear a lot about it. But despite all of the damage that they endured, they've managed to clean up most of the rubble. There are still a lot of empty lots where buildings once stood, but they've made a lot of great progress. Maybe New Orleans should send a delegation to take notes....

On the way back home we stopped at the Gulfport outlet stores, where my wife and sister spent whatever money was not handed over to the casino, and I bought a new wallet. I definitely think I got the best deal - my wallet is wireless, has a fully customizable photo gallery and a built-in financial center, retains my personal information, and is even capable of holding actual money! Suck it, Old Wallet!

I'm sure that DJ MC Mic Master Wild Wayne (The Lyrical Genius) will be happy to know that I finally watched Clerks 2. It was all that I hoped it could be and more!

I also saw "Click," starring Adam Sandler. My wife and I saw Adam Sandler promoting this movie when we went to the Daily Show with Jon Stewart, but I really had no interest in seeing it. It definitely beat all of my expectations. It was so good and had such a great message that I had to wipe a tear away using my wife's sleeve and blow my nose on my sister's pillow.

Oh, and Happy Labor Day! Thanks again, Mom, for the 28 hours of labor!

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