Thursday, September 14, 2006

Auditing the Coffee

Someone is not refilling the coffee carafes. I will find you. You can't escape from me. I will have my revenge!

Actually, I'm at training this week, but I know someone is not refilling the carafes at work. I'm onto you, you coffee scum!

I suggest we audit the coffee. Put those people to work on something useful!

While we're at it, we should audit the soap. Our coffee always tastes like soap. The bubbles in the coffee acts like tiny prisms, reflecting caffeinated light to the two corners of my cubicle. I want to know who's behind this atrocity!

It's not Aaron, as it's against his nature. Nobody who blogs about the Bible could ever commit such a heinous act.

It's not Wayne, the Waynekster, DJ MC Mic Master Wild Wayne the Lyrical Genius. He's too busy writing reports. We keep him busy doing all of our work, as he's the newest member on our team. We haze because we care!

Shannon drinks coffee with us, so she's not under suspicion. Imad is too nice to do something like that. Naveen and Neeraj are too busy working. Crankston - well, it's possible, but he usually gets in after our first coffee break. That leaves...

Upper Management! I knew it!

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