Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Google Analytics and World Domination

The Tantrum is going global!

I recently started tracking my web traffic with Google Analytics. This has revealed some interesting things.

The first interesting thing is that people from all across the globe somehow stumble onto my blog, and some of them actually stay for more than 2 seconds - although 2 seconds seems to be pushing it for most people. I'd like to say hi to my new friends in the Philippines, Australia, Nicaragua, Ireland, Costa Rica, and Sri Lanka!

The second interesting thing I found out is that people find my blog by Googling various search terms, some of which are listed below:

Before Google Analytics, I basically just looked at my email subscriber list (yes, you can subscribe to the Tantrum via email) and tried to determine if it was going up or down. But now that I know that people need advice on hairy pre-teens or the Sonic sweetheart blast, it should be pretty simple to form future blogs around those topics.

So to you out there, wherever you are in the world, whether you are hoping for Carrie Underwood to finally plead guilty to trashing her ex-boyfriend's car or looking into ways to squeeze your rump into spandex, thanks for reading!

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