Sunday, January 20, 2008

Jazzing It Up

My buddy's wedding in New Orleans was great! The priest was hilarious, but one serious thing he said was that the mass during church counted for Sunday. This is a major victory for Ol' Bob, as my wife always tries to guilt trip me into going to mass on Sunday even after getting communion on Friday or Saturday during a wedding. I'm glad the church finally set a precedent on this important issue.

The reception was one of the best I've ever been to. I met up with my old buddy, Tom Collins, as well as a lot of my old fraternity buddies. Betty couldn't drink, since she's preggers, so I drank for two. (I ate for three, since my wife has gestational diabetes and couldn't properly enjoy the food. Aren't I such a good husband?)

A bus took us from the hotel in the French Quarter to the wedding, then to the reception hall, and finally back to the hotel. But this bus only made one trip, which meant the 85 year old grandparents had to stay at the reception hall all night if they expected a ride home on the bus. On our "bus trip" back to the hotel after the wedding, one very drunk girl stood in the aisle at the front of the bus and started dancing, and all of the very old and tired people at the front of the bus started clapping for her. Only in New Orleans!

My parents and sister went to a different wedding, where my sister was the Maid of Honor, and also where my sister's debit and credit cards were stolen from her purse at the reception hall. This isn't my sister's first run-in with crime in New Orleans - one or two Mardi Gras ago, she and her friends were held up at gun point. The crime rate in New Orleans has always been pretty bad, which is why I hide my money in my jockstrap. At least this way I know that the only time I'm ever really in danger of being robbed is at a strip club on Bourbon.

When we weren't at weddings, getting robbed or getting drunk on fruity drinks, we were exploring the city and putting money back into the economy. Betty and I saw "Hurricane on the Bayou" at the Imax in the Aquarium, and it was incredible. If you're in New Orleans and need to kill 45 minutes, this is a great way to do so. We also went to "Court of Two Sisters" for brunch, which was an expensive but tasty buffet.

Finally, we ended our time in New Orleans in the French Quarter, listening to a street band playing a jazzed up version of Amazing Grace. On our way out of town we passed under the Interstate and saw a lot of homeless people in tents, which has become known as Tent City. It's amazing that with all of the tragedy that this city has endured, someone can still belt out Amazing Grace in the middle of it all.

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Anonymous said...

Oh no! I hate that Reba's credit cards were stolen!!! That's horrible!!