Saturday, January 26, 2008

My Masterpiece

Just call me Michelangelo, for today I am going to paint my masterpiece.

I'm going to start with four walls - one whole wall, one wall with a window in it, one with a door in it, and one with a closet - and will apply at least two coats of greenish paint fully and lavishly.

It will be my masterpiece!

Some of you may be thinking, "Bob, you've set the bar really low if you think painting a couple of walls the same color is a masterpiece." Is that so, Doubter? Well take a look at this piece that we found in the Museum of Modern Art in NYC:

[Picture: Blue by Yves Klein]

[Picture: Blue by Yves Klein, info]

This picture is of "Blue" by Yves Klein, and if it is worthy enough to hang in a museum then I'm going to have to start charging people who want to take a look at the baby's room, since it will essentially be a replica of Klein's work but in green.

Oh, all right, I'll waive the fee as long as you promise to change the baby's diaper at least once. Deal?

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