Thursday, January 17, 2008

Rock Through the Ages

The band director at my wife's school runs his own music studio, and he's really great about getting his students exposure throughout the community. A couple of months ago he set up a jazz performance at the Shaw Center in Baton Rouge where the students played as a group, and where they also joined in with Baton Rouge jazz bands The Andy Pizzo Project, The Michael Foster Project, and John Gray.

Next weekend, the students will once again be performing at the Shaw Center, but this time instead of jazz music they'll be playing rock music in what has been dubbed "Rock Through the Ages."

Betty and I are going with some of our friends from Betty's school. But know this: just because she teaches at a Christian school doesn't mean that we're not going to rock out!

I'm bringing my Guitar Hero controller so I can jump on stage and show off my sweet moves when the students play Led Zepplin. I'm also planning on starting a mosh pit when "Rock Through the Ages" gets to the Grunge epoch. Anyone who gets in my way will be crushed.

It's really great that these kids are getting the experience of playing in front of a crowd, as well as playing with established bands. We'll just have to see how professionally these kids act when I continuously yell out "Free Bird!"

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