Sunday, January 27, 2008

Rolling with my Homies

Painting the baby's room gave me a chance to do something that I haven't done in several years: be somewhat useful.

Luckily for Betty, her father was here to make sure that my usefulness was kept in check. Otherwise, I would be writing about how I paid some Mexicans a lot of money to come and paint over all of my mistakes.

I began my efforts at being somewhat useful on Saturday morning by applying tape to the base boards and all around the windows, doors, etc, so that we could paint the walls. Usually I enjoy putting tape on random things, but this process took actual concentration and skill, and therefore was tedius and boring.

[Picture: Bob Taping]

I did make a lovely blue tapeworm out of it, so I guess it wasn't all for nothing.

Next, I began a process known as "cutting in," which was basically painting around the areas that I taped (as mentioned previously), because those would be areas hard to paint with a roller. I only know what "cutting in" is because my mother-in-law explained it to me after taking several knives away from me beforehand.

[Picture: Bob Cutting]

Next I ate lunch and feigned abdominal cramps, but my wife made me continue painting like the slave driver she is.

My father-in-law, Jimmy, painted the ceiling while I cut in the paint on the wall. When he was finished I used the roller to apply a nice coat of greenish paint all over the room. We had some green paint remaining when I was done, so I used the rest to roll green paint outside all over my front yard, which previously had turned black and dead-looking. There are more important things in this world than the lawn.

[Picture: Bob Rolling]

While Jimmy and I painted, my mother-in-law made the bumpers for the baby bed. Apparently the baby bed converts not only to a larger bed but also converts into a car, and my mother-in-law wants to make sure that the baby car is safe.

[Picture: Jane Bumpering]

On Sunday we finished the base boards. I took this as a sign that we were done and immediately began my victory lap to the bedroom so I could take a nap, but Betty had other ideas. My worst fears are realized - she thinks that Jimmy and I did such a great job on the baby's room and now we have to paint the baby's bathroom. The horror... the horror!

But I'm very satisfied with the baby's room. The best part is that we can use the green room as a "green screen," which should help for future photoshopped calendars.

[Picture: Bob and Jimmy in front of the Green Screen]

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