Saturday, February 16, 2008

Baby Shower

James Taylor told us in song to shower the people we love with love. But at Betty's baby shower on Saturday, our friends and family showered Betty with baby clothes, pack 'n plays, exersaucers, baby books, singing laptops, stuffed animals, and hundreds of millions of other packages. Wow, did the baby rack up some loot!

One gift that really "stands out" is a 5' tall stuffed giraffe. This thing is as tall as I am, and just as handsome. I threw a saddle on it and rode it around the house today, just to test it out for durability. I think I'll have to play with it more to know for sure if it's safe for the baby - you never know how wild animals will act around children.

I've gone through all of the emotions that I think every rookie dad has - fear, apprehension, acceptance, excitement, fear again, and finally exhaustion from trying to finish my To Do List. But having all of the shower gifts around the house really makes me excited to be a dad.

I used to think it would be a lot of fun to relive my childhood by watching cartoons with my kids, throwing the baseball around outside, etc. I still think that will be fun. But just being around kids the last couple of weeks has really made me want to just watch kids enjoy being kids.

For example, my friend Tony brought his two year-old son Anthony over to my house last week. Anthony and I went to visit the neighbor's dog, Buster. When I was formally introducing Buster to Anthony, Anthony heard his name, got real excited, pointed to himself and shouted, "Anthony!" It's indescribable to watch a child learning, becoming self-aware, and just growing up in general. I can't imagine what it will be like when it's my own.

And while the ladies were at the baby shower, us guys were at my house watching the LSU basketball game, eating burgers and playing Guitar Hero. My seven months-old godchild Joshua hung out with us, and he was a trip. He would just look around, stare at everyone with a blank stare, then break out into hysterical fits of laughter over nothing in particular. (Just so you know, Joshua, I patented the "Bob Stare.")

So I guess what I'm saying is thank you to everyone who made this day special by driving into town, giving us loot, and getting me even more excited to be a dad.

Now I've got to end this blog post, because I've got to go re-test the giraffe for durability.

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