Monday, February 11, 2008


I just got this email:

Just to let you know sir, you are a Googlewhack! Typing "icosidodecahedron bootylicious" into Google returns a single result - your blog page. When one achieves a single web search result on google using two words (in the English dictionary, no place names etc etc) this is a Googlewhack.

Of course, now that I've just blogged about "icosidodecahedron bootylicious" Google should now return two pages, so maybe I'm not a Googlewhack anymore. Dash it all!

You can check out more Googlewhacks, as well as adding your own to the Googlewhack registry, at

Just be careful while Googlewhacking - supposedly doing it too much can make you go blind.

Thanks to "Stuart" who informed me about my Googlewhackage via my TanoryLand Contact page.


Megnos said...

yes but now that you've blogged about it, you are no longer a googlewhack.

Megnos said...

which sucks for you.
what sucks even more is, the lack of attention I paid to this blog.

Bobby said...

Your name is an anagram for Gnomes.