Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I Just Twosied in my Onesie

I made a new onesie in honor of my unborn child. I call it...

I Just Twosied in my Onesie.

[Picture: I Just Twosied in my Onesie, the Incredible Onesie]

This onesie has a 100% accuracy rate if you leave it on your baby long enough.

I also thought of a friggin great idea that Huggies should feel free to steal after paying me a finder's fee: diapers that change color when the baby needs to be changed.

All one would really have to do is spray the diaper with some of that stuff that they put in pools that turns red when someone pees in it. Is that so hard? I'd pay an extra couple of bucks to know when my baby is filling up that diaper. Plus it would be a lot of fun to see how much of the diaper can turn a different color before the baby starts to wail.

Until that day arrives, my baby can let me know that he or she has just dropped a twosie by wearing this fashionable onesie.

1 comment:

Aaron Corcoran said...

At one point they had one that played a song if the child wet their diaper =). Or at least that existed in my dreams at on point.