Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Lent Brush

Get out your lint brushes, kids, because the Season of Lent has arrived.

That's right, we partied our asses off during Mardi Gras and now we're punished for 40 days until Easter. So pick one thing that you really like to eat, drink or hump and forget about it for the next 40 business days.

Most people deprive themselves of something during Lent. Others do something extra to better themselves, like doing thirty push-ups a day, walking around the block more often, or leaving the toilet seat down for the wife. I've decided to deprive myself of something as well as do something extra at the same time, by giving up procrastinating.

Procrastinating is more than just being lazy: It's an art form. And by depriving myself of being artistically lazy, I'm gaining the joy of doing things that I've never really wanted to do. I should do this more often instead of snoozing on the couch.

Now that I'm not procrastinating, I'm having to deal with years and years of sitting on my ass while my To Do List gradually grew larger. But I'm slowly chipping away at this forty page list of chores. Today I promptly took out the trash, cleaned the inside of our cars, sprayed WD40 on some squeaky hinges, and beat 5 levels of Guitar Hero on Expert. Check those off my list!

Thankfully, Lent doesn't count on Sundays. That means I can get in a week's worth of laziness every Sunday, which is the day that my wife traditionally tries to make me help clean the house.

What did you give up / decide to do extra for Lent, if anything, and why?

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