Wednesday, February 13, 2008

To My Beautiful Valentine

To my beautiful Valentine...

Before I met you I was totally lost.

[Picture: Lost Tanory Tourists]

Then you came along and you were my GPS in Human Form, just like in all those science fiction books I like to read.

[Picture: The Betty GPS Navigation System]

You didn't just help me to get around town for 10 years (one day I'll learn); you also showed me how to love.

[Picture: Bobby's love manifests itself]

Now you are going to have my baby, which is the physical manifestation of our love. Hopefully the baby will have your good looks, your uncanny navigational skills, and my humongous genitalia.

[Picture: Bad Rooster Pun - I couldn't help it]

And if our baby is a girl, I will need your GPS skills to track down every last boy on our street and tag them with RFID chips.

[Picture: Just Try Me]

We make the perfect team. I love you!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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