Friday, March 21, 2008

Barattini's is Back!

Barattini's is back! Awwww chee-yeah-yah!

For those of you who don't know, the part of Prairieville that we live in doesn't have much in the way of restaurants. Sure, there's a Sonic, Mickey D's, Taco Bell, etc, or what I like to call "poser restaurants." But there's not a lot of local restaurants, or what I like to call "real restaurants."

But there used to be one glimmering light shining down on P-ville: Barattini's. To understand my joy of Barattini's, we have to go back several years.

(Cue the dream sequence...)

The old Barattini's was right down the street from us. It literally only took us one minute to get there from our house. We saw an ad for it in the local paper one day and decided to try it, and then went back every two or three days afterwards. It was that good!

What made Barattini's so good? To start out with, their recipes are awesome. We regularly partook of Eggplant Barattini (fried eggplant with crawfish and cream sauce over pasta), ravioli, and my favorite, pizza! Also, and this is the kicker, they made everything fresh. This meant two things: first, that their food was delicious because the ingredients were better; and second, it usually took a couple of minutes longer than a "poser restaurant" to get your food, which meant we had to get there early to eat.

But as you probably know, eating early and often isn't a problem for Ol' Bob. We would swoop in right when Barattini's opened, get our fix, then take our leftovers home to enjoy them the next day (or more often than not, later that night). Many a night I would have to sleep on the couch because Betty would punish me for eating her share of the leftovers. (If it's in the fridge it's communal property! I just made that rule up but now I'm going to make it retroactive for the course of four years.)

Not only was the food incredible, but they had great entertainment. There used to be an old Cajun man who would play the keyboard and guitar and sing in a nasally high-pitched voice, and he was a lot of fun if not simply because he was hilarious.

Barattini's demise was a shock. We drove past it one day and it was locked up with For Sale signs all over the place. Little did we know that the guy who the Barattini's leased the building from is a huge dick. Every six months or so you'll see For Sale signs up on the windows of whichever unlucky person has decided to lease from him. He uses loopholes in the law to kick people out without giving them ample time to get their affairs in order. I've thought of suing him for the pain and suffering he's caused my family by kicking Barattini's out... but back to the main point:

Barattini's is now back! You can find them at 2507 S. Purpera Road in Gonzales. The restaurant is a little smaller, the atmosphere is different, and the menu isn't as large, but the food is just as tasty. If you ever decide to go, give us a holler... we'll probably already be there and will pull up some extra chairs for you!

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