Saturday, April 19, 2008

Anne of the Day

You've probably noticed that I'm not blogging as frequently as before. Part of the reason is because I'm usually either sleeping or changing diapers, but another reason is because I've been working on an Anne of the Day web page.

I got the idea for the Anne of the Day web page from my brother and his wife. When they had their son they sent out daily pictures of him. It was so much fun to get pictures of my Godchild in my email each day! He's so cute! (In a manly way, of course.)

At first I was a little leery about putting pictures of my daughter up on the web. Then I remembered that I'm a homicidal maniac and that it's probably in everyone's best interest to show respect to my daughter. Even so, I'll probably end up putting a login screen on the Anne of the Day website sometime soon.

But for now you can check it out by going to

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