Monday, April 28, 2008

The Bertrand House

My friends Brad and Shasta are in Europe for a crepe-filled vacation, featuring such notable countries as England, France, Switzerland and I can only assume Amsterdam.

Shasta won some kind of scholarship that sent her to London for a few weeks, and Brad, having decided that he couldn't trust those boys across the pond, flew out to meet her. Now they're on an extended vacation in Europe and are blogging the crepe out of it. Check out their exploits at the Bertrand House.

Speaking of the Bertrand House, since both Bertrands are gone for a while I think I'll go steal their belongings. I'm sure Brad has insurance or something to cover his losses. If he's lucky, he can settle his insurance while he's in Europe, exchange his dollars for Euros, then cash out when they hit another all-time high against the dollar. It's the perfect crime, where I gain all of Brad's stuff and he gets a partly-free trip to Europe, plus a little extra in the way of insurance payments.

So you see, traveling to Europe is not only fun but affordable. Looking forward to seeing all the pics, Bertrands!


Brad B said...

Wow Bob am I honored! Twice have I been mentioned on the Tanory Tantrum. First with a reference to banana hands, and now about us blogging the crepe out of our Europe trip. Thanks for the post!!

The Bertrand House

Bobby said...

Wow, I totally forgot about banana hands! That brings back fond memories - good times!

I really enjoy your blog about your trip to Europe. Congratulations to Shasta on her scholarship, as well!

I'm looking forward to talking with you when you come to recoup your stuff that I'm presently stealing from your house.