Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Earth Day

It's Earth Day! Yay, Earth!

I'm all about saving the environment so my daughter and her children will have long and wonderful lives. But I'm just not too sure about some of the promoted ways to save the planet.

Take CFL lights, for example. We're told that CFL lights take less energy to run and will eventually help in the fight against Global Warming. But what they don't tell you is that they contain mercury and can be harmful to your family's health if one breaks in your home (or in your trash). Environmentalists also don't tell you that CFL lights emit a really wimpy glow. Until CFLs are safer and brighter, I'm sticking with the status quo.

Hybrid cars are also all the rage in Environmental circles. Sure, harnessing electric power to fuel our cars instead of oil sounds neat. But if you understand cars, then you know that cars are the most fuel-efficient while you're continuously driving, such as when you catch all the green lights. The most power lost is when you brake, then it takes a lot more fuel to get going again. So it seems to me that the real enemy is not cars, SUVs or trucks, but traffic lights. If we stop putting traffic lights up every 50 feet we can stop braking all the damn time, and we will burn less fuel and ultimately save the planet. Death to traffic lights.

You hear me, Baton Rouge?!? Death to your traffic lights!!!

Or maybe we can just change the lights in traffic lights to CFLs.


Zachariah said...

The traffic lights have been industrial-grade CFLs for years, goofball. That's why you don't see them being changed all the time. We switched to CFLs when we moved last year and haven't had to replace one yet. If you need a brighter bulb, they come in the same illumination variants as the old type (which, for the record, are going the way of polaroid film and cassette tapes in the next five years or so).

As to the mercury issue, the trace amounts used in the creation process would, if you were to burst one for every socket in your house all at once, release less mercury than a thermometer like the one in your indoor thermostat or about the same content as eating seafood caught in the Atlantic or Pacific.

People hate change, as you well know, and there will always be research done to prove that the next innovation is flawed to counteract the overwhelming evidence to the contrary. It's become part of our culture. Look at microwaves for a prime example. There are still old folks to this day who fear them. Heh, old people are funny.


PS - Hey, I found your blog.

Bobby said...

Hey Zach! Great to hear from you!

Now that I know CFLs are in traffic lights I will live in fear every time I stop at a red light. You have single-handedly made driving in Baton Rouge that much more dangerous.

Where did you move to, by the way?