Saturday, April 19, 2008

Education Nation

One of the best things about having kids is getting to play with all their toys. Sure, having a boy would have meant I would have gotten to play with Transformers, X-Men, Ninja Turtles and whatever other cool toys will come out within the next few years, but having a girl has its own advantages.

Girls mature faster than boys, so I'm hoping I can get her to play with all of the educational toys. I want to get one of those dolls that goes to the bathroom so Anne can learn how to clean it, then apply that knowledge to cleaning herself. (In the same vein, Betty might want me to play with Anne so I can dress up dolls so I'll learn how to dress myself. Good luck with that one, honey.)

I'm also hoping to limit the amount of TV that my daughter watches to educational programs. I haven't been watching children's TV (other than SpongeBob) so I don't know what's good for kids. But remember that episode of Anamaniacs where they sang the Nations of the World?

Now if I can only find songs about the Periodic Table and the list of Presidents of the United States then I'm on my way to parenting success!


Zachariah said...

There's a song called "The Presidents" by Jonathan Coulton that should cover that base. It covers the presidents in order, along with their most memorable moments, and all to a catchy little tune.

Zachariah said...

Oh, he's also got one about zombies, if you want to prepare her for when the zombies come.

Bobby said...

Thanks! Any songs about the Periodic Table?