Monday, April 07, 2008

Pictures of Anne Louise

Here are a handful of pictures and one short video of Anne Louise (aka, Weezie) from her first couple days of life.

Click for pictures!

Anne is doing great! Her hobbies include eating, sleeping and taking frequent potty breaks. She absolutely hates to have her diaper changed. And she likes to wear her hats, because not only do they keep her head warm and toasty but they are also fashionable.

Her fingernails were pretty long and so she scratched her face a few times. We tried putting those little mittens on her but they just fell off, probably because she's so tee-niny. So we ended up putting some baby socks on her hands. Not only did those work much better, but then we got to play sock puppets! Awesome!

Anne and I watched the LSU Lady Tigers' basketball team lose to the Tennessee Lady Volunteers last night in the Final Four, so I got to give my daughter her first lesson: Defense wins championships. She passed her hearing test with flying colors so she can't use the excuse that she didn't hear me when I preached to her about posting up under the net.

Afterwards Anne started falling asleep while feeding, so I got to give my "There are people starving in Africa who would love to have that colostrum" speech.

Anne also had a slight touch of jaundice so I sang Coldplay's "Yellow" to her. Lucky for me she can't tell that I'm tone deaf... not like that's ever stopped me from singing before. If she ends up hating the color yellow or hating piano rock, I guess I'll take the blame for that one.

I really love being a daddy! Rocking my baby is my new favorite hobby. And Betty is doing great. She's amazing. I always thought she was my better half but now I know she's my better 7/8ths.

Well, gotta go - NFL Network is on and miss Annie needs me to explain the Nickel Defense to her. I'll blog more later, if Anne lets me.

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Luke said...

Bob, she's really beautiful. Many congrats!