Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Super Baby!

It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's...

Super Baby!

[Picture: Super Baby!]

I knew my child was special, and I've always thought of her as being super, but I didn't know just how super she was until some innocent bystander needed to be saved from danger. In just the blink of an eye Anne made her way to a nearby telephone booth, changed into her alter ego, and saved the day.

With her high-pitched screams and ability to squirt her doody like a fire hose, it was only a matter of minutes until her foe was defeated. Did I mention she can also fly?

[Picture: Flying Super Baby!]

I, of course, attribute her superhuman abilities to my side of the family. She's Daddy's little girl, after all! Her mother thinks she takes after her, but come on... my daughter can destroy her arch-nemesis with a well-timed diaper change, and which one of her parents is constantly talking about his or her adventures to and from the bathroom?

Daddy wins! Victory!

[Picture: Super Baby with Da Da!]

Regardless of who our baby takes after, our baby is super! Thanks, Shelly, for this great outfit! Hopefully we'll be able to fit her into it a few more times, otherwise I'll have to start digging in my closet for other costumes.

[Picture: Super Baby is ready for her closeup]

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