Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Baby Announcements Apology

A few days ago I posted a blog entry about our baby announcements, where the link to the alleged announcements actually went to the You Got Rick Rolled website. For those of you who know what Rick Rolling is, this was a low moment on the Tantrum. Yeah, Rick Rolling is nearing its 15 minutes of fame, and I apologize.

I've caught a lot of flak from family and friends for my "Rick Roll." But some of the stories people told me about it were pretty funny. For instance, my mom said she was so confused when the announcements didn't appear and instead "some weird music started playing" that she kept trying to open the link, and even went so far as to reboot her computer and try the link again. After I quit laughing, which took several minutes, I started to feel bad that I had done that to my own mother - and so close to Mother's Day.

So here is the real link to the baby announcements. Please accept my apologies.

Click here for the baby announcements.

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